We Are Where We Are

Usually, I hate the phrase ‘we are where we are’. It sounds defeatist.

But for Watford fans at the moment, it’s a useful reminder.


In the Premier League.

One of the teams that won’t finish in the top six.

One of the teams that, each season, could do badly and go down. (West Ham, Stoke, Swansea and Leicester have all been in the bottom four this season.)

One of the¬†teams whose fans are frustrated at having to scrap¬†for survival with no real hope of glory. (There are many disgruntled fans at¬†Stoke, West Brom, Southampton…)


Where a lot of Watford fans want us to be…

…a team that’s assured of safety and plays attractive football. (This kind of team doesn’t exist in the Premier League.)

…in the Championship. (Perhaps some fans are¬†planning to get out the buckets again to buy the club when¬†Gino doesn’t want it.)


This year, we’ve¬†kept ourselves among the clubs that seek to retain their status each year – with no realistic hope of more.¬†Mostly, it hasn’t been fun to watch.

Why? Because, as fans, we do still hope for more – even when there isn’t any¬†more to be had.

We hope to win more. We hope to play better football. We hope to feel better about our team.

Good luck with that. We are where we are. “It’s the hope that kills you.”

Blaming the head coach for our¬†unrealistic hopes is crazy. The problem is¬†all down to¬†the structure of English¬†football. (It’s designed to¬†help the big teams stay big. As for the rest – who cares?)

If fans want positive change, it won’t come by getting rid of a head coach on whom the fans have¬†focused all their frustrations. (As is happening at Stoke, West Brom, Southampton…)

What needs to change is the Premier League.

Otherwise, we’ll never enjoy where we are.